Ready to grow your business? Starling provides the marketing tools you need to get noticed, attract new customers and increase revenue.

Starling helps your businesses thrive by increasing your visibility and growing your customer base. We understand that businesses have limited resources and face significant challenges in reaching new customers, especially in today’s competitive market. By tailoring our services to your unique needs, we are able to concentrate on cost-effective solutions that are focused on reaching your business goals.

Hi, I'm Heather!

After more than two decades leading other companies to new heights, the opportunity to start my own firm, Starling Consulting took flight. As a marketing professional, I can help grow businesses like yours!

“Marketing is about building a relationship with your customer – then making it stronger.” – Heather Lamont

Starling helps businesses become more successful by taking the time to fully understand their goals, then develops a customized and comprehensive marketing plan with a focus on branding that supports those objectives. My clients also gain access to a flock of creative solution experts who can transform ideas into assets. They will enhance your brand and increase visibility through a full range of services. I personally manage the completion of each project from concept to reality, while ensuring quality and consistency.

I like to think it’s my personal touch and (sparkling personality!) that make all the difference in bringing your brand story to life; and what gives every business I work with the ability to soar!

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Heather Lamont
Owner / Consultant


What we do


Not sure how to market your business? Do you feel like you’re wasting time and money trying things that don’t work? Starling can lead you to a smart and cost-effective solution that works to get you the results you’re looking for.


How are you delivering your message to your customers? Are you using the right tools? Is your message working and are customers buying? If not, let’s chat! Your customers are waiting to hear about you. Starling will develop a comprehensive marketing plan that will help you deliver a compelling story.

Strategy & Planning

Starling delivers strategic thinking. We look at the current state of your business, help you envision where it can be, and map out the most cost-effective way to get you there.


Design is what gets you noticed! Whether its a logo, brochure, ad or menu design – Starling develops exciting creative solutions that will catch the eye of your customer and leave a lasting impression.

Websites & Social Media

The web and social media are an essential part of every successful marketing program. Your website helps customers understand your business and social media helps them understand you.

Direct Mail & Email

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach your customers. You are literally putting your message in there hands. Email marketing is the best way to develop a relationship with them by opening a personal channel of communication.

Event Marketing

Starling can develop a themed exhibit, display or presentation to promote your product or service. Examples are conferences, networking events, seminars, workshops, sponsorships or luncheons.

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How we do it

Process is everything. Starling believes that an effective marketing program is made up of 8 components – each one essential to the next. Every component must be considered and is vital to the success of the marketing plan. If one component is out of balance the plan can become more expensive and less effective.

1. Learn About You

We will have a brief introduction to help us better understand your company’s mission, the purpose of your business. We will discuss your project, timeline, roles, and agree on how to work together effectively – it’s a chance for us to get to know each other and make sure we are on the same page.

2. Client Goals

Before we work with, you we will send you a brief questionnaire that will help us understand your business, goals, and customers. Your answers will help us develop a comprehensive and focused strategy for your project.

3. Strategy

We’ll go over your project with you to ensure that all the information you’ve given us is in alignment with our preliminary thoughts and ideas prior to conceptualization. After this, Starling will develop and present you with our strategy.

4. Message

Before any design or concepting is done, Starling will work with you to create new messaging that is catchy and to-the-point. We only have the attention of your customers for a couple seconds. It is important that your customer understands exactly who you are and what your offering. 

5. Design

This is where the fun starts as we explore your industry, look at competitors and find the best messaging. Based on our findings, will design unique visuals – a look-and-feel that is unique. You will be presented with our design concepts for feedback.

6. Launch

Off it goes! Once everything is perfect and you approve the final design, Starling will launch your marketing for the world to see. We will coordinate printing, distribution, direct mail, website programming, etc. – whatever your project requires.

7. Respond

Ok, your marketing is working, and the calls/requests are coming in. How are you responding? Is your response quick and effective or delayed and confusing? Starling will help you simplify and polish the process so you can engage your customers effectively.

8. Review

Starling wants you to be happy with the outcome! Were there any stumbling blocks along the way? We want your feedback, and we think it is important to provide you with ours as well.

Call 443.977.8357 or email Let’s chat about your needs.